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            Temperature and humidity furniture must be properly maintained and cleaned.

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            Summer is not only hot weather, but also often a variety of weather changes, sometimes more than a dozen days without rain, sometimes a typhoon, sometimes heavy rain and thunder. One cold and one heat and humidity change in a short period of time need to pay more attention to the maintenance and cleanliness of furniture, different materials of furniture have their own focus on maintenance and cleanliness.



            All wooden furniture must avoid direct sunlight, and solid wood furniture maintenance is no exception. Because the main material of solid wood furniture is wood, if the wood is exposed for a long time, it is easy to evaporate moisture in the wood, and then solid wood furniture will be easy to fold because of drying. The maintenance of solid wood furniture should avoid sunlight, but it does not mean that the darker the room, the better the humidity, the better the storage temperature and humidity of solid wood furniture is conditional, should maintain the appropriate storage space temperature and humidity. Generally speaking, the environment of solid wood furniture placed between 35% and 40% relative humidity is ideal.

            In order to maintain the gloss and moisture-proof of solid wood furniture, usually can use protective wax or special cleaning agent evenly applied to the surface of furniture, and then gently wipe it. If the summer weather is more muggy, try not to directly use a water dishcloth to wipe the wood floor, to prevent its deformation by damp, correct maintenance of solid wood furniture to extend its service life. In addition, solid wood furniture should not be placed directly in the position of the vent, too strong wind will make furniture deformation, cracking.



            Because the surface of cloth furniture is a variety of cloth art paper products, placed in the sun for a long time will cause the furniture surface fading, cloth art brittle crack. Can try to move the location of cloth furniture, to avoid sunlight, if there is no appropriate position to move, you can also try to install shade, can also be placed on the surface of cloth furniture cushions, to avoid direct sunlight damage.

            Due to the particularity of materials, cloth furniture is very easy to stick dust, it is best to clean cloth furniture dust regularly, once a week the frequency of dust is the most appropriate, of course, this can also be based on the cloth furniture storage space dust amount of different. When cleaning cloth furniture, special attention should be paid not to use a suction brush, suction brush easy to destroy the weaving on the textile cloth, the whole cloth will become fluffy, too much suction is inappropriate, this may lead to the breakage of the thread. Second, you can use the dry cloth to pat the surface of furniture and dust and debris.



            Metal furniture will produce chemical reactions when exposed to acidic and alkaline substances, corroding metal furniture. If you do not carefully sprinkle acidic or alkaline liquids on metal furniture, should be promptly flushed with clean water, and then wipe clean with dry rags. Secondly, metal furniture will oxidize in moist environment and accelerate the corrosion of metal furniture. Do not place metal furniture in damp environment to avoid rusting corrosion of furniture. But do not put them in a dry environment. Therefore, attention should be paid to sunning in daily maintenance.

            For the rusty metal furniture, you can use cotton yarn dipped in machine oil to wipe the rusty place, a moment later wipe with cotton cloth can remove rust, must not be sanded. Usually should often use oilcloth and soft detergent scrubbing maintenance, iron furniture spots should be timely repaired and painted. If dew is found on the surface, dry cloth should be used to wipe away the rust.



            Cool and light rattan furniture is used more frequently in hot summer, sweat is easy to stick to rattan furniture in the process of use, and rattan furniture weaving mesh eyes easy to grow mold spots. Therefore, in the days of the sun, it is best to clean the furniture and move to the place where there is a draught wind to "blow", keep dry, avoid mildew spots.

            Ultraviolet rays in the sun can make vines crisp and degenerate. If the cane furniture is placed in the sun for a long time, the white cane furniture will turn yellow, and the brown-red shiny cane furniture will fade partially. The expensive bamboo and rattan furniture will become dry, loose and detached. Therefore, long-term direct sunlight should be avoided rattan furniture, but also away from the source of fire, to prevent fading, drying, deformation, bending, cracking, loosening and detachment. In addition, the gap between the vines is easy to breed mold and lead to mold, in addition to regular ventilation, but also pay attention to regular cleaning. Besides mould proof, rattan furniture should pay special attention to moth proofing. Pepper noodles or sharp pepper noodles can kill insects and prevent moth, and it has no damage to rattan. If the rattan furniture in the house is moth-eaten, can half two pepper and half two fine salt together fried, grinding, stuffed into the hole, and then with plastic cloth or small plastic bags wrapped in moth-eaten noodles, so that odor does not leak.

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