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            Chinese English Tel:0763-6833666分機688
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            About Us

            Independent research and development production and high end core technology

            We Royal Garden was established in 1997, with a factory size covering an area of more than 120 000 square meters with more than 800 workers. With turnover of 40 million USD last year. We have been devoting to the development of outdoor leisure furniture over 20 years to make a series of elegant comfortable and recreational outdoor furniture for our customers. Your comfort, happiness and your satisfaction are our greatest happiness.

            Enterprise mission

            Lead all employees to make continuous efforts to innovate and repay customers with quality products and services.

            Enterprise concept

            Committed to product research and development, innovation and personnel training and management, harmonious and stable development and growth of enterprises.


            The company will become a benchmarking enterprise in furniture industry and become a brand of customers and peers.

            Engineering case

            The top fifty production enterprises of the capital of furniture

            Qualification certification

            High starting point, high quality, high quality

            contact us

            Contact us

            Addr:Sanlian Village, Shi Jiao Town, Fogang County, Qingyuan, Guangdong